LATELY 52 Project & Life

Life has a hold of us and it’s happening so fast. I’ve returned to work, Lucy has begun preschool (!!!) and we’ve just returned from a 10 day trip to Texas. Georgia turned 4, then 5 months old and started eating solids (I had every intention to wait until 6 months, but she was literally clawing to get at our plates). Needless to say, posting weekly photos of the girl has taken a backseat to the many, many directions I feel my mind being pulled in at any given time. But the photos have continued to be taken, and for that I am proud. I often question why I post them at all, but I’m certain without that commitment to myself, they’d remain an unorganized pile of digital content on my desktop. As our access to technology grows and grows, so does the importance of curation. I want my girls to enjoy photos from their childhoods, and I cannot even imagine how daunting that would be without some deletion and organization. I’m also finding the same to be true of information and inspiration – so often I have an idea about something, or a topic I want to research and find myself so deep down an internet rabbit hole the actual time to complete the task I set out is completely ruined. My mission over the next month is to set my own limits where I seek information – a curated internet for myself. Anyways, I digress. Photos from the weeks 30-34 here. The rest I’ll get to posting another exciting (!) Friday evening.




Toes in the ocean water for the first time. Sun in her face. It isn’t always easy to get there with baby + toddler in tow, but the days we make it to the beach are always the best.



Impromptu trip to the fair + Lucy’s love affair with corn on the cob. Georgie is impossible at the table lately, she wants what we have and there’s no stopping her efforts. (that said, we do not let her drink coffee).



Some days can feel impossibly trying. I affirm to myself often it will not always be the case. And yet, always, everyday there are moments like these. I can see the way they’ll be best buds & forever playmates. And I’m grateful for their age gap just the same as I feared it!

“Mama listen to the rules. If you put watermelon in her face you’ll be in trouble.”



Another Mom at preschool commented on Lucy enthusiasm for painting – her willingness to really dirty up her hands and make a mess of it. Half the time she paints she ends up ditching the easel to cover her body (tattoos in her future?) It’s not the way Jason or I are and for that I love it so. And Georgie… toes, toes, toes. She takes 3 naps a day and often each one in a different place – her bed, the stroller/carseat, our bed. Her afternoon sleeps in our bed are my favorite. Half the time I end up waking her by snapping photos of her peace. My first week back to work and those quiet afternoons are definitely what I miss most.



Preschool. PRESCHOOL. I just can’t. I’m so proud of this tiny human and her first days. Her school honors a gentle transition period. They ask a parent to stay and sit on the “mommy bench” while the kiddos get acquainted to the new environment & teachers. Lu engaged so quickly in activities, I soon realized the transition period – separation as they call it – was probably more for me than her. I’ve gotten to know the school as much as she has now, and so very grateful and comfortable with the teachers I’ve entrusted her care and development in.


Mallory - October can not soon enough so I can be with these two!!

WilliamSpag - Really Cool.



Photos of my girls, once a week, every week in 2015.

A tropical storm rumbled through San Diego and we woke up to a wild lightning and thunder storm. Jason was giddy for some Texas weather in California. When the lightning was good and gone for awhile, we hoped in the pool and spent the morning swimming in the rain. It was awesome.




The best weekend days start out early and have a plan. Always a plan. As soon as we start the “what should we do today?” conversation on a Sunday morning we’re doomed. Perhaps that’s drastic. But with a toddler, I’ve learned a leisurely Sunday morning can quickly turn to irritability. This kid of ours needs to get out and run, as much as possible, and all before noon. It’s awesome to see downtown evolving to become a kid/family friendly destination. At 9am on a weekend we can make it there in under 15 minutes before the line at egg slut gets too long. Perks of parenthood I say. We’ve been hitting the splash pad circuit this summer, and Grand Park is still our favorite.

Georgia was 3 months old this week and I’ve been trying to put to words all that she means to us. For now, I’ll say how awesome her smiles are and how hard she’s been working to giggle, just when we think she’s about got it, the hiccups get the best of her. We’re so lucky she’s a go with the flow sorta baby (so long as you strategize car trips with naps!) she makes our about town adventures that much joyful.


Stuff Lucy Says


While I’ve fallen behind on posting weekly photos of the girls 52 project series, I’m still taking them, and still writing down the ridiculous things that come out of Lu’s mouth these days. Of lately…

Big sisters tooting!

Mama, I want out of this home! (me: WHAT?! Where do you want to go?) The beach.

Hello Leo, nice to meet you.

(whining) I want to cut it off and grow a new one. (in reference to a boo-boo on her knee)

I changed my mind. I’m a big boy now.

The fireflies are scary! (fireworks)

(me: Did you have a good day?) NO. (no?! why not?) I had a crazy day.

I’m cooking dinner okay? But I don’t want you touch it, it’s raw, okay? Raw. Everyone not touch it. I’m the cook.

(butt naked, puts on cat slippers on her toes that are much too small and applying lip gloss and shouts) I’M A WOMAN!




The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays. Fireworks, Red/White/Blue, beach days and BBQ – how could it not be? Jason and I shared our first kiss 4th of July weekend and we attribute Beasley’s made-up birthday to the day. Needless to say, we plan to make the 4th a big deal for our family every year. Maybe one day we’ll be living on a lake hosting an annual party. Dreams.

This year we spent Friday at the Bel Air Bay Club beach party and got to experience THE most amazing fireworks show I’ve ever seen. Really, I still cannot get over how close they were. You could feel the boom in your bones. Lu sat on my lap looking through the gaps in her hands as she covered her face. Scared, but mesmerized you might say. I couldn’t stop laughing, they were so close! On Saturday, we caught a bit of a parade and party hopped. By 7 the kids were in bed exhausted and Jason and I drank beers on the front porch while we listened to fireworks in the neighborhood. It felt like the city was alive and I couldn’t help but wish we were running around the sand, tipsy from beers all day, like it was a few years ago. I wouldn’t trade my life or kiddos for anything, but there are moments I might like to travel back in time for a couple hours!