“A portrait of Lucy once a week, every week, in 2014.”

We hiked through Devil’s Postpile & Rainbow Falls, it was beautiful and hot. We skipped the first tram back out of the Valley to have time for an ice cream at Mule Trading General Store. This was a good decision. Clearly, Lucy enjoyed!

And a few more for happy photos from this little sweet tooth…


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We have the good fortune of living a bikes ride to the beach. Which means most of our weekends are spent on the sand (and I’m not complaining), but it also means there is lots to our town we have yet to explore. So this last Sunday when the coast looked a little gloomy we decided to nap Lucy in the car and head not just east of the 405, but the 110 (crazy, I know). It was an awesome day, we’ll be taking more family field trips across town soon – it really felt like exploring on a mini vacation. Here’s a peek and some LA spots perfect to wear out a toddler!

We visited the Griffith Observatory, overlooking the Hollywood sign. Total tourist-ville. But Lucy was all about running around the roof of the Observatory and Jason geeked out on the Tesla Coil & Foucault Pendulum (Lucy and I liked it too, it’ll be a great place to bring her when she’s a little older for a science lesson). We ran out of time before lunch to visit anymore of Griffith Park’s attractions, but there are a few things we’ll come back for – namely the Merry-Go-Round and the old zoo picnic area (ruins of the former LA zoo – it looks so strange!)


This is Lucy’s latest face – she’s smoochin’!

We set out for lunch at Forage in Silver Lake, but it’s closed on Sundays. I was bummed until we walked past Pine and Crane – a new Taiwenese-Chinese restaurant I’ve been looking forward to trying since I read this blog post. It did not disappoint! The space is beautiful (picture above from their website, c/o Elizabeth Daniels Photography) and the food is unique, fresh and delicious. The staff was super welcoming and maintained patient smiles as Lucy very impatiently squirmed through lunch!

Lucy fell asleep in her stroller after lunch so we took advantage of her nap and popped into a few shops around Sunset Junction. We’re making an effort to treat any opportunity like a date! I picked up finishing salts at Spice Station – fully inspired by the latest issue of Kinfolk. (we tried it out on an heirloom tomato salad later that night, my favorite summer dish). We also picked up a ceramic hanging plant for our bedroom from Reform School.

Then we ate Gelato at Pazzo (don’t tell Lucy) and oh, man, I kinda wish we hadn’t. I’m a mint gelato connoisseur and I’m pretty sure everything I’ll have from here out just won’t compare. Pazzo, you ruined me! Also, the Almond Fig. SOOO good.

Last stop: the new Grand Park Downtown. The park has a giant splash pad with about an inch of water and constant fountains. So fun! Lu’s a bit hesitant on some of the parks where the fountains turn on and off, she prefers to approach the water versus it approach her! Her face cracks me up – this is totally my soccer playing face, everyone always used to warn me I was going to bite my tongue off. (side-note: Grand park is right across the street from the Disney Concert Hall so there’s that to look at too).

Happy Summer!




“A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Lucy, 17 months old this week. Bedhead. She wakes up too early and most mornings restlessly puts herself back to sleep with us – usually in the 5am hour. I wish so much she’d sleep peacefully until a more decent time, but oh how I cherish those mornings she drifts back off between us. Tiny warm body snuggling in close – little arms reaching out to wrap around my neck or laying on top my chest. Her best cuddles come in the morning.

Lucy at 17 months, where do I even begin?

MILESTONES (AND TRICKS): Identified her first color (blue). Identifying lots of animals & repeating their noises (cow, lizard, monkey, elephant, duck, snake, cat… these are favorites). Can find specific blocks in the pile by request. Running. Riding her scooter on her own. Stringing together 2 words – sometimes more (ie. this mama’s, where daddy?, i want that/this, beasley poo-poo). Says please and thank-you regularly and often without us asking her to. Throws her arms to the air when you say “touchdown!” Picks out her own books to read, can follow simple tasks (go get your shoes, put this away).

TEMPERAMENT: our girl: all sorts of sweetness mixed with mischief mixed with will. Laughs come from silly games and tricks. She finds little mischief the funniest (like giving raspberries or hiding or running or hissing like a snake). Sweet kisses and hugs can turn quickly to rambunctious, playful bites (we’re working on this – participants beware). Attentive and smart, we do feel like she comprehends so much of what we say (though she may choose not to listen!) And oh, the willfulness! I’ve heard it’s common for oldest children to be people-pleasers, this is not true of Lucy. While she pleases us often, she is steadfast in what she wants!

Explores unfamiliar places fearlessly and darts off without even glancing back – I can tell she’s confident I’m surely following. But does not like the reverse – when I leave her (though the separation tantrums have gotten much better this month, she’s traumatized a few people I’ve tried to leave her with!). Especially if we’ve been separated for too long, she’s extra cuddly and needy towards me.

PLAY: Still loves those baby dolls! She’s a lil’ Mama and takes great care to feed them, give them agua, tuck them in for sleep/naps and pushes them around in their baby carriage. She hugs and kisses them. And with lots of friends new babies around, we’re learning her admiration for dolls translates to the real thing.

Lu is serious about her play and busy, busy, busy. So active it’s dangerous – climbing trees, our bookshelves, her stroller, anything. Calculated and coordinated – her athleticism shows daily and she’s STRONG. The grip on this girl is one to be reckoned with. Latest favorite place to play is our cars. Loves riding on the front of Dad’s bike and playing in the shallow water at Mother’s Beach. Also loves helping Mama out with chores (rinsing dishes, wiping counters, mopping).

FAVORITES: Custom variations of “The Wheels on the Bus” that we make up. Mousey (her tiny mouse-in-a-box). Beasley (and his poo poo, she loves hunting his poop and pointing it out for Daddy to pick-up!). Pink cowboy boots. Dancing. Bell peppers & broccoli. Dipping food. Electronic toothbrushes. Saying ‘NO!’;)

WHAT WE’RE WORKING ON: Saying bye-bye to the bottle and learning to sip from a cup. Eating a little less messy. Naps — transitioning between one and two at the moment. Somedays just one and somedays just up way too dang early to not have 2. Nighttime habits (learning to fall asleep on her own again, between vacations, house guests, teething and fun summer evenings we’ve totally interrupted the rhythm of the evening). I wish I could say we’re working on sitting through full meals, but I fear that’s hopeless for the foreseeable future!

Happy 17 months kiddo, the journey has been a beautiful.

{ The 52 Project, Practising Simplicity. }