We celebrated Lu’s birthday the entire week: balloons in her crib, first taste of cake, a backyard party with lots of friends and family and a ball pit. Sometimes the preparation and excitement leading up birthdays and parties makes it hard to live up to the expectations. But not this birthday, I was surprised how incredibly happy I felt – we were celebrating Lucy, of course, but also our family – a year! We made it!

{ My friend Victoria made the “I Heart LA” prints for guest favors – a little nod to the art prints we screened as favors for our wedding! She’s been “calligraphrazing” requests on instagram @calligraphize and is SOO good. }




She says “Beas! Beas! Beas!” all day. She scolds the neighbors dog, Saddle, for barking (wonder where she got that?!). Many times when it feels too quiet I peek around a corner and find her sitting on Beasley’s back. He lets her. Their bond is so sweet. She gives him table scraps, he’s given her a love for animals. 

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Jessica Leanne - Awe that’s so sweet! lovely photo

12/52 + 13/52

“A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014.”

She is fearless, curious and coordinated. Sometimes it feels like a dangerous combination. She keeps us on our toes. And wears us out. But there is quite literally nothing more rewarding than watching her explore her world. 

{The 52 Project, inspired by Jodi.}




 A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014.

Lucy: yogurt face. 

Dallas Clayton, an awesome guy who writes and illustrates amazing kids books, spoke at work this week. His books, The Awesome Book of Love and Do Magic, Do Good, were Jason’s and Lucy’s Valentine’s Day presents from me last year (when she was born). I was pretty excited to hear him speak, and he was as refreshing as I expected. He’s got a knack for observing and summarizing the beauty of kid-brilliance into poetic, playful lessons. I left feeling pretty grateful for all the kids in my life that make my world such an awesome one.

{The 52 Project, inspired by Jodi.}