“A portrait of Lucy once a week, every week in 2014.”

Lucy: lots of my favorite days with her are the simplest. The ones where maybe a cold slows us down and we stick close to home. A trip to the coffee shop. Time in the backyard. An early (and long) nap. Warm lunch. Late afternoon at the park, feeding ducks. She’s stringing sentences together and we’re having actual conversations, it’s unreal and awesome. Some favorite expressions of late…

“OK, my turn now.”

“Oh my gosh!”

“I watch Olivia, you can take shower.”

“I’m coming Mama!”

“I want home.”

“I love you my dadda.”

“I wanna go high. UP IN THE SKY!”


How old are you Lucy? “4, 5, 6″ (which is older than last month’s answer of “1, 2, 3″)



And just like that, it’s mid-November. I’m not sure where the months are going, I just know they’re gone before I realize they’ve started. It’s this time of year I start to feel unsettled and wonder if/when we might make a big change in our lives – a big move. Social feeds flood with photos of changing season and bright reds and yellows and I wonder about other places we might like to live. I want seasons!

But as I’m looking through these Fall photos, I feel happy. Such good memories here, it almost doesn’t matter our leaves are ugly and brown instead of warm golden tones. Almost.

Below: catching up on Lucy’s 52 Project. And a few other favorites from the month.



We call her mighty mouse. She pulled a cart around the patch and filled it with pumpkins. She plays with focus and strength, always ‘busy’. I love that about her. 

42/52 (captured by Lovechild Photo)


We read nighttime books in our bed, Lucy asks to “get cozy” (which means under covers). I take her to her room after a few books (usually whatever is her favorite at the moment read two or three times over again) but sometimes I leave her sleeping in our bed. Keeping her close at night reminds me she’s still my baby. This photo feels like a peek to the future. 



I think she’d love living on a farm. 



So happy to be with her big cousins for the week. They were so sweet and fun to play with. Lu was comfortable right away and had us all cracking up with her silly catch phrases. A personal favorite this week, “HUG TIME!” she exclaims with big open arms. Yes, please. 



She possibly ate her weight in sugar the week of Halloween. It may just end up her favorite holiday. Her first time trick-or-treating and she took to it right away (as we suspected she would). “Next House!” she’d shout to us. And “Happoween” (which is short for Happy Halloween, we appreciate her efficiency!) 

And a few other favorites from the month….




A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014.

The other morning Lu said “Daddy is funnnny!” we both melted and laughed. Another day, we were driving in the car and she was telling her Grandma how funny Daddy is. I asked, is Mama funny? And she promptly said no. WHAT?! BUT I AM FUNNY!

So, I’ve been working hard at that. And then, finally, tonight, after a very hilarious booty-booty-booty-dance, Lu squeaked out between giggles, “Mama. So… fu-fu-funny!” YES.

{ The 52 Project, Practising Simplicity. }



We booked a last minute weekend at Terranea to celebrate our wedding anniversary – a resort 40 minutes or so south of where we live – so I dubbed it a Geta-Stay-Cation. We actually felt like we were a million miles away. We kept our phones packed away and spent time taking in the views, hiking along the resorts trails and lounging by the pool. (oh, and eating lots pancakes, naturally). Lu felt right at home, so much so she was referring to our room as such within a few hours. She said hello & goodbye & good morning to pretty much everyone who we encountered. Her confidence makes me so proud. She spent more time in the “cuzzi” (jacuzzi) than a baby probably should, but she’s a clearly a girl after her mama’s heart! We also discovered that Sushi/Japanese restaurants are pretty much the best place to take Lucy out to eat (why didn’t we think of this before? I have no idea). Chopsticks for entertainment, miso soup, edamame, fried rice? Toddler home run.

Terranea is luxe, and it’d be nice to go sometime just the 2 of us, but it’s super family friendly as well. Great pool (with slide), lots of grass lawns to play, tons of food options, a beach cove to comb & discover. I hope we’ll be back!

{ The 52 Project, Practising Simplicity. }