“A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Lucy: traces of you.

I love the photography series: kids were here. There’s just something about the things kids leave scattered around that’s so telling into their tiny personalities. This photo isn’t necessarily the best example of it, but I always want to remember your love for that baby carriage and the way you tenderly carted your toys around (okay, sometimes violently ran them around). You’ve just recently entered a new phase that you’ll give any attention at all to your softies – until now, it’s been baby dolls or nothing.

A few other “Lucy-isms” of late…

We weighed you on the scales at airport baggage claim, congrats kid, you finally hit 20 pounds! (it only took 22 months!)

You love pretend cooking, and taking pretend orders. You ask us inquisitively “num-nums?” and scribble our orders down in one of our work notebooks.

Still obsessed with toothbrushes and equally so to “chapsicks” and gum. These are things we attempt to avoid using in front of you.

We got you a teepee for your work-in-progress playroom and it’s your favorite new place to hang. You also like to store (hide) treasures in there – things you aren’t really supposed to have like the cleaning spray or our dish sponges.

Favorite books: “Jingle” (the hallmark Christmas dog who barks / sings / whines throughout the story), “God Bless Our Easter Day” (any book with farm animals is bound to be loved by you) and “On The Night You Were Born” – you love whispering your name when the book asks. You also partially have the book memorized and surprised us the other night but chiming in “Over the ocean, you are a miracle” before we started to read the page ourselves.

You named your Elf on the Shelf “Gabo” and love looking for the silly places he always ends up in the morning. And you’re actually taking the rule “NO TOUCHING GABO ELF” very seriously which is shocking and hilarious.

You have this thing about your morning bottle… after you wake up and come into bed with us, you ask for it. But only Mama can go get it. This is a demand that’s met with a giant tantrum if Daddy goes instead. It’s bizarre. As most “almost-2-years-old” behavior tends to be!

It’s been raining frequently and you busted out the tune “Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day” unprompted.

My goal for 2015 52 Project is to try and capture new things you say or do weekly; we find ourselves constantly amazed by you and want to remember these small moments as much as the big ones.

{ The 52 Project, Practising Simplicity. }




“A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014.”

I love her love of animals. I know this is probably typical of many toddlers, but she seems to have a certain attraction to farm life and I’m certain it makes Jason call into question whether we should leave our lives behind and establish residency on a homestead. I’m into the idea… if we can still spend our summers at the beach?? (or if perhaps our homestead double as a vineyard?)

{ The 52 Project, Practising Simplicity. }



01 / a new peg rail, slowly filling empty wall space.

02 / cheery Thanksgiving table.

03 / card time during nap time.

04 / helping ‘my daddy’ tighten the swing.

05 / berries & cinnamon rolls, perfect holiday breakfast spread.

06 / toddler moment.

07 / we hosted thanksgiving (a few days early) for the first time.




“A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2014.”

One day she just started lifting her leg to the air and told us “look, I’m Ballerina!”

Although I know she’s influenced by her neighborhood buddies, I’m amazed at the things she pours interest in, seemingly from nowhere. I hope it’s always so easy for her to discover _and follow_ her passions.

{ The 52 Project, Practising Simplicity. }