I am a mom. Raising (ie. chasing) 2 fearless daughters. I take pictures. I enjoy people (and taking pictures of people). I like to write. Usually I'm pretty heartfelt. Occasionally I attempt to be funny. I always drink coffee. One time our friend and travel writer featured the summer we spent in Hawaii & our traveling with kids tips, which you can read here, if you please. We're working on ways to manifest more of these adventures together (next up: relocating life from LA to Austin). 

I've spent over 10 years working in advertising, mostly here. I've learned a ton from some pretty smart (and awesome) folks. I am available for consulting and freelance as a brand director/creative producer/all-around-marketing-project-problem-solver. I love big brand projects with big ambitions. I love start-up projects with big ambitions. And I really love social impact projects with big ambitions to make the world better. You can have a look at my work experience here

It's easy to say my passion and love for photography revitalized when I became a mother. Photography became my creative outlet (again). One of the most magical things of becoming a parent is seeing the world fresh again through your child experiencing it for the first time. At its best, this awareness turns mundane and monotony to simple joy and beauty all around us. On both ordinary and extraordinary days. When I make images, for myself, for families, for brands, my hope is that help us appreciate our lives, and life in general, a little bit more.

And! Last about (promise). I sit on the board of SheLift, an organization whose mission is to empower girls to conquer personal obstacles and build self-assurance and self-love through outdoor adventure, body positive mentorship and community. Please visit website or @sheliftgrams to learn more about what we're up to! 

Let's chat! Email: megabrose@gmail.com

Also, Instagram.