I’m Megan. Thanks for visiting. I’m a photographer living/eating/exploring my way through Austin & frequently SoCal.

We moved our family to Austin for my husbands job at the end of 2017, at which time I finally found the space (and guts!) to leave my own and pursue photography. We have 2 young daughters who are a lot of funny, a lot of wild willpower, and a lot of love.

things I do.

product & lifestyle content creation for your brands website, social media, look books, e-newsletters, etc. you get the idea!

blogs & online editorial lifestyle, interiors, fashion for blogs & online publications. Have a sweet spot for working with kids + brands focused on ethical and mindful business approach.

general branding + marketing consultation including overarching marketing strategy, social media strategy, curation, copy writing.

family & people sessions i love capturing a family as the most authentic versions of themselves. i shoot lots of these sessions at home, or places special & familiar to your family. where kids are most comfortable and everyone can (eventually) ease up and relax into their everyday personalities. my family sessions typically yield a lot of candid moments, but i’ll always do a bit of directing and make sure we get the most of our time together.

retreats & events i’ve shot multiple multi-day retreats and love capturing the story of the experience and intimate or candid portraits of attendees.

freelance brand/account director based on availability & project. after 12+ years working on some of the largest brands in the world at one of the best ad agencies in the world, it’s hard to quit! My superpower is in production or operationally focused. my ad resume can be found here.

mom so hard. it has to be said. doing my best vs balance.

get in touch.

let’s skip forms. email: megabrose@gmail.com + IG: @meganambrose_